News: China Mainland Cloud Node IP Ranges Update Notice

Published: 19/01/2024

Dears Customers/Partners,

As due to the China, Mainland Upstream IP ranges re-announce exchange, we were notice that our current 30 x /24 CNNIC IP ranges will be re-numbers due to the change needed.

Job will be done during below stated period. This change only affected our China, Mainland Cloud Node and will not affect China, Mainland Dedicated Server, once the change is done, it wil auto update to the IP record show on the products and services there.

Network: China, Mainland
Service Period: 5th of Feb 2024 - 7th of Feb 2024
Platform: China, Mainland Cloud Node Network

Affected: After the change all old IP will NO Longer work after 8th of Feb 2024, so please use the new reassigned IP record for your services.

Sorry for any problem cause or lead to your services.

After the change, if you encounter any problem access to your services, please do always feel free to reach our 24/7 support for assistant.

MangoXchange Team

Notice release on - 18th of Jan 2024 and announce on 19th of Jan 2024